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Practical Action and The Good Agency bring food sustainability to Darfur with posts for peace this Christmas

December 14th 2012

Practical Action, the International NGO challenging poverty in developing countries, has launched their Christmas appeal which highlights the work they do installing boundary posts in North Darfur, uniting farmers and nomadic pastoralists peacefully, to share scarce resources and feed themselves.

North Darfur is the region’s most arid land, and is prone to drought, sporadic rainfall and famine. As such 90% of communities don’t have enough food and are surviving on hand outs. Farmers and nomadic pastoralists need to use the same land to cultivate crops and find pasture and water for their animals or their families could die.

Fundraising communication specialists, The Good Agency, developed Practical Action’s Christmas appeal asking supporters to donate. The funds raised would help not only the projects in North Darfur but those in other developing countries too. Projects like this enable communities to sustain themselves for the future.

The posts indicate where farmers can cultivate their crops and where pastoralists can allow their cattle to migrate and roam freely. This simple technology prevents farmers seeing their precious, hard-won crops being trampled by herds, and pastoralists the despair of seeing their animals die for want of vital pastures and water.

Practical Action has successfully brought both communities together to agree a colour-coded demarcation scheme and hope that installing these posts will help both communities to co-exist peacefully, building food sustainability enabling them to feed themselves and become self-sufficient.

To find out more about Posts for Peace or donate towards the work that Practical Action do, visit their website, here.

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