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    Will it or won’t it increase social funding? Our view on the Chancellor’s 2014 budget

    By Graham Banks, March 25th 2014

    We will leave the economic and political matters to others to opine on. However, tucked away in the budget is the detail of the new tax relief for social investment that the Chancellor referred to last year. Here is a …


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    We’re Ramping Up the Red to fight heart disease

    By Reuben Turner, February 7th 2014

    Red. It’s the colour of passion, and of action. It makes your heart beat faster. It’s also the colour of warning. That’s why today The Good Agency has gone red mad, to raise both money and awareness of heart disease …


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    New year, new challenger brands

    By Dan Dufour, January 15th 2014

    The first Brand Breakfast of the 2014 on Challenger Brands was well timed to give us all an inspirational kick up the booty. A challenger brand is disruptive: it’s the underdog and the innovator, the thought leader rather than the …


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    The Why’s you need to answer

    By Reuben Turner, December 9th 2013

    I loved this piece in the Agitator about the value of brand, branding and brand narrative in answering the question ‘Why you?’. It pushed me to think about some of the other Why’s we need to answer in every appeal. …


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    Awareness and response: Two peas in a pod

    By Dan Dufour, November 1st 2013

    CharityComms Brand Development conference last week got my brain working overtime as  I expected, but it also signalled a shift in the most common form of brand debate. For years (a decade in fact) brand professionals in the sector have …


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    Following in the footsteps of our founders

    By David Jackson, October 28th 2013

    If you haven’t watched Simon Sinek’s brilliant TED talk then please stop what you’re doing and watch it right now. The author of “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”, Sinek shows the organisations and leaders …