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    Good Bites…on in memory giving

    By Reuben Turner, September 12th 2014

    Book your place at Good Bites…on in memory giving here. In memory giving has long been the underdog of fundraising. Grouped in with, yet overshadowed by, legacy fundraising; it’s a specialism that’s considered alien by many. Thankfully, all this is set …


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    The internet is people-shaped

    By Reuben Turner, July 24th 2014

    My first professional foray into social media included getting students and volunteers to set up social media footprints for our clients. This was new ground and one of the first issues we encountered was that there was no format available …


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    How your event can woo Millennials

    By our guest blogger , June 24th 2014

    This blog has been written, collaboratively, by Pete Grant (our social and digital planner) and Sara Shelley (in our brand planning team), inspired by our event, Good Bites on the the future of fundraising events. The Colour Run. The Santa …


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    Great campaigns I wish I’d done

    By Dan Dufour, June 18th 2014

    Choosing which campaign to pitch at the CharityComms seminar this week wasn’t easy. I changed my mind week in, week out, until a decision had to be made. The biggest lesson for me was sadly how few charity campaigns I …


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    People Power and the lobbying act

    By our guest blogger , June 5th 2014

    This piece of Good Thinking has been written for The Good Agency by Linda Butcher, Chief Executive of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation and co-host of our annual campaigning event, People Power. “There is 20 to 30 times as much lobbying …


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    Look for the space inbetween

    By Reuben Turner, May 23rd 2014

    The spaces we can operate in are getting fuller. Advertising on a train? That’s already full. Talk to potential supporters on a street corner? Already full. YouTube? Already full of better content than yours. And let’s not even mention Dorothy’s …