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Matthew Sherrington

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    Moment of truth. Exceeding Expectations

    By Matthew Sherrington, January 9th 2013

    I once had rather a nice Italian linen suit. Back in the day when a rather baggy dishevelled look was cool. Or so I thought at the time. One day when I went to collect it from the dry cleaner’s, …


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    Feast and famine

    By Matthew Sherrington, December 14th 2012

    That could describe agency life, though luckily it doesn’t. Feasts are upon us. Fortunately famine is not. But for many people, it’s close. Famine tends not to be a word we use much these days. Because on the whole we …


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    What you can learn from a Sinatra-Beatles face-off

    By Matthew Sherrington, November 21st 2012

    A short while ago I was working with an organisation on reviewing their past strategic plan, to inform the next one. As a courtesy, they sent me the first draft of the plan they came up with. My heart sank. …


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    Mo-tivations. Why (oh why) am I doing it? And why would you support me?

    By Matthew Sherrington, November 5th 2012

    So, I’m growing a Mo for Mo-vember. Un-be-liev-able. Why the !&%* would I do that?! I am an introvert. I do not do this group-think heart-on-sleeve exhibitionist type of thing. It makes my skin crawl with embarrassment.  I never even …


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    “I Feel Good (na-na, na-na, na-na, na), I knew that I would …”*

    By Matthew Sherrington, October 26th 2012

    “What the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow” -  James Stephens When I was a kid coming to terms with the insignificance of self, it was the infinity of the big wide universe that did me in. If, post-Big Bang, …


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    Amateur Professionals and Egos

    By Matthew Sherrington, October 12th 2012

    Conservative MP Rory Stewart suggested this week that the professionalisation of charities was responsible for alienating volunteers and contributing to a growing disconnection between charities and the public. Really? There is an important challenge here to the sector about how …


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    Reading between the lines: A master-class in email marketing

    By Matthew Sherrington, October 5th 2012

    We all know, or should know, the basics of a good marketing communication. Know your audience (targeting, relevance, getting basic details right). Know your product (and be enthusiastic about it). Know the benefits (to your customer, not to you). So …


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    Celebrating charity shops getting with the programme

    By Matthew Sherrington, September 26th 2012

    Recent news that Shelter is planning to double the number of its shops while Oxfam shops posted a record £90m turnover, got me thinking about the funny beasts that are charity shops. Omnipresent on the high street, clearly doing well …